Numerous top players have assisted and advised Drakes Pride on the ideal line they are looking for in an outdoor model, this has resulted in the 'XP'. Both the profile and line are crucial to success of a model and this has been achieved by maintaining the perfect balance of the Professional model whilst adding the touch more bias required for the outdoor game.

Please click here to see a video of the performance of this model in comparison to others.

Options available.

X P BOWLS Size 00 0 1 2 3 4 5
Black with Grips (Medium)
Brown with Grips (Medium)
Black with Grips (Heavy)
Brown with Grips (Heavy)
Spec Green with Grips (Heavy)
Spec Red/Maroon with Grips (Heavy)
Other Colours with Grips (Heavy)
Black Plain (Medium)
Brown Plain (Medium)
Black Plain (Heavy)
Brown Plain (Heavy)
Spec Green Plain (Heavy)
Spec Red/Maroon Plain (Heavy)
Other Colours Plain Grips (Heavy)

All Bowls with specified emblems or initials are made to order.

Some quotes from the players...

Rob Weale

I won Commonwealth Gold with the last new model from Drakes so couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I was not disappointed! The bowl is beautifully balanced, I've bowled all makes and in my opinion this model certainly delivers the most consistent line.

Mark Royal

The accuracy and consistency of this bowl is second to none and the line is perfect for our outdoor greens. Definitely my bowl of choice, but then I did work with them to create it! It's all in the shape and Drakes have drawn on all their vast experience to get this one just right.

Simon Skelton

With a profile based on the Professional model I found it easy to switch to the XP for outdoors. Drakes have got a great profile delivering just the right line, a sure winner!

Rob Paxton

At last the outdoor bowl we've been waiting for! The bowl is perfectly balanced and takes the ideal line for our outdoor greens.

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Sizes & Weights Guide
Size 00 0 1 2 3 4 5
Diameter (mm) 116 118 121 122.5 124 125.5 127
Diameter (inches) 4  9/16 4  11/16 4  3/4 4 13/16 4  7/8 4 15/16 5
Medium Weight (grams) 1190 1220 1300 1350 1400 1460 1520
Medium Weight (lbs-ozs) 2-09 2-11 2-13 1/4 2-15 3/4 3-1 1/2 3-3 3/4 3-5 3/4
Heavy Weight (grams) 1215 1280 1350 1400 1460 1520 1580
Heavy Weight (lbs-ozs) 2-10 1/2 2-13 3/4 2-15 3/4 3-1 1/2 3-3 1/2 3-5 1/4 3-7 1/4

We have in excess of 8000 emblems in our library

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